This week in the British Isles 本周英倫圖輯

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Photo gallery: A week in the British Isles

  • Students celebrating their A-level results.
    Jump for joy! It was a nerve-wracking day 神經緊張的一天 for 335,000 pupils across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They found out whether they had passed their toughest exams to date. Universities usually require three A-levels for undergraduate courses, but some of the brightest 最聰明的students have taken on as many as six A-levels. Photo: PA
  • Cutting grass lawn.
    Volunteers cut a large scale 大型的 checkerboard design, using just hairdressing scissors 理髮剪刀, in the grass lawn 草坪 at the National Trust」s Ham House and Garden as part of a live art performance with artist Caroline Wright. Photo: PA
  • Tom Daley
    Olympic diving sensation 轟動人物 Tom Daley proved that he」s got more than just a great body. The 18-year-old heartthrob 受人迷戀或崇拜的男性 fitted his A-level studies into his gruelling 折磨人的,艱苦的 training schedule. He has been rewarded with an A in Spanish this time. Photo: PA
  • A woman with body piercing
    Elaine Davidson is the record holder for body piercing 身體穿刺,身體穿孔 in the Guinness Book of World Records with a reported 據稱 9,000 piercings on her body, and counting 繼續增加。 This week she was seen performing on Edinburgh」s Royal Mile as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 愛丁堡邊緣藝術節。 Photo: PA
  • Panda yang guang
    One of the UK」s two pandas celebrated his ninth birthday today - his first on British soil. Yang Guang was given a special cake and discovered some bamboo-themed presents as he celebrated his special day at Edinburgh Zoo. Photo: PA
  • A new art installation at Tate modern
    Care for a spin? 想來轉轉嗎?This new art installation is called Whum by Jon Fawcett. It forms part of the Undercurrent exhibition in Tate Modern museum. Photo: PA

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