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Photo gallery: Britain

  • A human body
    Interested in the human body? Then this is your show. Bodies Revealed is a new exhibition in Liverpool city centre. Dr Roy Glover, the chief medical director for Bodies Revealed, said: "The collection of exhibits 展品 will allow visitors the chance to explore 探索 and discover the wonders of the human body in a completely new way." (photo by PA)
  • A cricket mid jump
    High-speed photography specialist Dale Sutton submitted 遞交了 the winning entry in hidden Britain category. Titled 取名為 「Leap for freedom 躍向自由」 it shows a dark bush cricket 蟋蟀 in mid leap. (Photo by PA)
  • A sculpture
    This huge sculpture "large Nijinski on Anvil 鐵砧 Point" by Barry Flanagan is on show at Chatsworth House in England. It is part of the annual Sotheby」s monumental 有紀念性的 sculpture exhibition 展會 called "Beyond Limits". (photo by AP)
  • Business suits
    These are no ordinary business suits. They belong to the 「Iron Lady」 鐵娘子 Margaret Thatcher 撒切爾夫人, worn by her to work; some of them were part of important political 政治的 events in the 1980s and 90s. (Photo by AP)
  • Olympic parade in London
    Athletes stand together on the Queen Victoria Memorial during a parade of British Olympic and Paralympic athletes in front of Buckingham Palace in central London. (Photo by Reuters)
  • Michael Burn
    Michael Burn wore Olympic-themed 以奧運為主體的 glasses and a union jack suit to watch the spectacle 大型盛會 in Trafalgar Square. Thousands turned up to welcome the stars of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. (Photo by Reuters)
  • Art exhibition
    The 「Spare Parts」 exhibition comprises (cut of) prosthetic limbs 假肢 - donated 捐贈 by owners no longer using them - and then transformed 變形成為,改成 into pieces of art, and is being held to coincide with the London 2012 Paralympics. (Photo by Reuters)

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