This week in the British Isles 本周英倫圖輯

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Pictures of the week

  • A broccoli
    Have you tried this before? This interesting looking vegetable is a Romanesque broccoli 羅馬式西蘭花菜。 It's great source of iron 鐵。(Photo by Getty)
  • A pumpkin
    That is one mighty 巨大的pumpkin! Perfect for a delicious soup 美味湯, although the owner of this prize winning monster would probably want to hold on to it for a bit longer. (Photo by Getty)
  • Apples
    British people love apples, and have developed many apple recipes 菜譜 over the centuries. (Photo by Getty)
  • Carrots
    It's not often we see carrots in their full glory 全部榮耀。 Every bit of the roots matters when it comes to winning the competition. (Photo by Getty)
  • Pumpkin family display
    This is a big family reunion 家庭團聚for the pumpkins! Some are more commonly available than the others, how many different varieties 品種can you recognise? (Photo by Getty)
  • Seeds packs
    Grow your own 種自己的蔬菜 is more popular than ever before as the nation gets involved in organic and healthy eating. (Photo by Getty)

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