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Новий тиждень - новий урок Lingohack

Новий тиждень - новий урок англійської з циклу Lingohack. Сьогодні вивчаємо такі слова і вислови із заголовків теленовин ВВС: mock-up, social isolation, daredevils.


  • UK develops app with advice on terror attack
  • Charity offers surplus food to homeless
  • Steepest street turns into tourist attraction


This isn't real - it's a mock-up of a moment of terror, a mass shooting with many victims. The security services in the UK say that, despite their best efforts, this could happen here. The official advice from counter-terrorism police is to run - hide if you can't run - and then tell the emergency services. The CitizenAID system goes a step further. It suggests people, once safe, should try to help others. The app explains how to prioritise those who are ill and how to stop severe bleeding.

A large spread of ingredients destined for the trash. This was all rescued by volunteers in London. Because of food handling laws, there's no meat. Nevertheless, it's transformed into free healthy meals and served to many living in social isolation and poverty. FoodCycle is a charity with close to thirty hubs across the UK. The UN estimates that roughly a third of all food produced for humans goes uneaten.

This New Zealand street is officially the world's steepest residential road. Baldwin Street in the city of Dunedin has an inclination of 35 degrees and has been attracting many visitors. It's irresistible for daredevils on bikes. It's also the stage for an annual charity event in which 30,000 chocolate balls are rolled down the road.

Слова, вислови і пояснення:

  • mock-up - реалістична модель, макет чогось ще не побудованого
  • social isolation - відсутність контакту з іншими людьми, суспільна ізоляція
  • daredevils - зірвиголови, люди, які наважуються на небезпечні речі

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