How can you contact us?

Page updated: 23 May 2018

If you have a BBC account, you can review your account information in settings. You can make changes to this info, or delete it entirely.

We also have lots of information to help you:

• Find out how we keep your information safe
Unsubscribe from emails and newsletters or switch off personalisation
• Change your cookie settings
• Find out about TV Licensing
• Get the most from BBC iPlayer for TV or radio

And you can get in touch if you have any general enquiries, comments or complaints.

Still need to contact us?

Please use the webform below if you want to talk to us about the personal information that the BBC’s public services might hold about you, and how it’s used.

Or you can write to us at:
The Data Protection Offices, BBC, Broadcast Centre, 201 Wood Lane, BC2 A6 London W12 7FA.

There may be some conditions that affect your request.

If you can’t make your request in writing because of a disability, please leave us a message on 020 8008 2882.

If you’re under 13, you need to ask your parent or guardian to contact the BBC for you. If you are aged 13-17, you can ask us things yourself, but we sometimes might need to ask your parent or guardian’s permission too.

Privacy notice

You’re providing information that includes your name, email address and details of the data the BBC processes. This is so we can respond to your request and to fulfil our obligations under data protection legislation.

The information you give us will only be used to respond to your request.

We will need to share your information with relevant employees and divisions within the BBC so that we can respond to your request. We may also need to share your information with companies that process data on our behalf, or because the law requires us to.

We’ll keep the information you provide for six years. After that, we will consider destroying it in line with the BBC’s Records Management Policy.

You can read more in our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

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