What is Online Behavioural Advertising?

Page updated: 10 October 2016

The BBC shows advertising on its website to users outside the UK. We use the income to help fund BBC services and keep the licence fee, paid by UK households, lower than it otherwise would be.

If you've seen what you believe to be inappropriate advertising on our site, please read this FAQ for advice and details on how to let us know.

We try our utmost, using sophisticated technology, to make sure that the advertising is only visible to people outside the UK, but if you are viewing the website from within the UK and you can see advertising, please use this form to let us know as soon as possible.

Online Behavioural Advertising shows you advertising and content that’s more relevant to your interests, based on how you use this and third party sites. It’s also known as internet-based advertising, and it’s designed to give you and our advertisers a more valuable, unique experience.

We and our service providers never try to identify you individually, nor do we create a profile of you or the pages you’ve viewed.

How does Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) work?

We use cookies and your IP address to discover general info about which of our pages you visit and where you’re located. We sometimes combine this with information from third parties. People with similar interests can then be grouped together into market segments and shown advertising they’re likely to find interesting.

This makes the advertising more useful to you. And it means we can get more value from our advertisers and invest more in great content.

We may also let advertisers use their own marketing data to target advertising campaigns on BBC websites. So you may see advertising based on things you’ve viewed on other sites.

For example, a retailer might use information about products you browsed on their site to tailor their adverts to you here. They don’t share this information with us and we don’t share information with the advertiser about how you use our site.

Advertising-related Cookies

The ads seen by users outside of the UK are served through our approved ad partners. The cookies accompanying the ads allow them and our advertisers to monitor the effectiveness of the ads (e.g. by using analytical cookies) and to make the ads more relevant to you based on your browsing behaviour (e.g. by using behavioural targeting cookies).

Your Choices

We are committed to following best practice in our use of online behavioural targeting technology and we at all times seek to comply with applicable legal and regulatory frameworks, such as that of the Digital Advertising Alliance.

If at any time you do not want information about your browsing behaviour to be used for the purposes of delivering advertising to you on this website, you can "opt out" using the tools provided by our ad partners below. Please note that you will continue to see adverts but they will not be tailored to your interests.

Google DoubleClick



You may also opt-out from targeted advertising on this website more generally, or on other websites on the internet, by using one of the following advertising industry opt-out tools:

Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA)

Digital Advertising Alliance, Europe (EDDA)

Please contact the Data Protection team at BBC Worldwide if you would like more information.

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