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19/07/2009 - The Forum

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Meet the guests

Sociologist Lord Anthony Giddens warns us it’s time for a rethink when it comes to climate change. Despite all the media attention, most people don’t see it as an over-riding concern. He says we must devise a new deal to persuade everyone to change the way they live.

Award winning Nigerian novelist and poet Ben Okri overturns the rules of conventional writing to explore the tensions between belonging and breaking free. He has invented a new literary form, the stoku, which is an amalgam of the Japanese Haiku and the short story.

American anthropologist Sarah Hrdy offers a new take on the evolution of human behaviour. She says it has been honed not through competition and warfare, but through a primeval ability to share. She believes alloparenting - the way ape ancestors shared the care of their children - has been crucial for the evolution of humankind.

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