World Summary

Vancouver 8°C 46°F
Mexico City 18°C 64°F
Honolulu 23°C 73°F
3°C 37°F New York
19°C 66°F Buenos Aires
Reykjavik 4°C 39°F
London 16°C 61°F
Cairo 28°C 82°F
26°C 79°F Cape Town
8°C 46°F Moscow
25°C 77°F Kuala Lumpur
13°C 55°F Tokyo
18°C 64°F Sydney

Features & Analysis

What is the ozone layer and what does it do?

Susan Powell explains the link between ozone and UV levels.

Pollution affecting weather patterns?

New study suggests that pollution could be impacting on weather patterns in the northern hemisphere.

Winter returns to parts of the USA

Severe storms in the USA have brought heavy rain, snow and unseasonably cold conditions. Susan Powell explains.

Forecast Video

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