World Summary

Vancouver 13°C 55°F
Mexico City 13°C 55°F
Honolulu 26°C 79°F
21°C 70°F New York
17°C 63°F Buenos Aires
Reykjavik 12°C 54°F
London 18°C 64°F
Cairo 40°C 104°F
16°C 61°F Cape Town
18°C 64°F Moscow
27°C 81°F Kuala Lumpur
28°C 82°F Tokyo
15°C 59°F Sydney

Features & Analysis

Weekend Events weather

Find out what the weather has in store if you're planning on visiting a festival

Weekend sporting weather

Sarah Keith-Lucas looks ahead to a busy weekend of sporting weather at home and abroad.

Where has summer gone?

As the cool, showery theme continues across much of the UK many people are asking where has the summer gone? Darren Bett has the answer.

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