World Summary

Vancouver 12°C 54°F
Mexico City 23°C 73°F
Honolulu 27°C 81°F
10°C 50°F New York
15°C 59°F Buenos Aires
Reykjavik 7°C 45°F
London 11°C 52°F
Cairo 18°C 64°F
11°C 52°F Cape Town
3°C 37°F Moscow
26°C 79°F Kuala Lumpur
14°C 57°F Tokyo
19°C 66°F Sydney

Features & Analysis

How is fog formed?

You may have noticed some foggy mornings recently but what exactly is fog and how is it formed? Phil Avery explains.

Tornado threat for USA

2014 has been a quiet season so far for tornadoes but there is a risk of some developing in the Lower Mississippi Valley in the coming days.

Flight MH370 search hampered by bad weather

BBC Weather's Susan Powell takes a look at the recent weather conditions that have hampered the search for the missing plane.

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