World Summary

Vancouver 20°C 68°F
Mexico City 20°C 68°F
Honolulu 28°C 82°F
23°C 73°F New York
18°C 64°F Buenos Aires
Reykjavik 12°C 54°F
London 17°C 63°F
Cairo 27°C 81°F
19°C 66°F Cape Town
12°C 54°F Moscow
24°C 75°F Kuala Lumpur
21°C 70°F Tokyo
13°C 55°F Sydney

Features & Analysis

Weather for the week ahead

Some chilly nights are in store for us this week. Philip Avery reports.

Tropical Storm Fung-Wong tracks north

The deadly tropical storm that displaced 200,000 people in the Philippines is heading for Taiwan and north-east China.

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