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Sunday 1 March Published at 16:49

UK Warnings

Weather Warning

Issued by the Met Office

YELLOW WARNING of SNOW and ICE for northern and western parts of the UK

Updated: 11:09 on Sunday 1 March

Valid from: 18:00 on Sunday 1 March

Valid until: 10:00 on Monday 2 March

Showers, heavy at times, will turn increasingly wintry overnight on Sunday into Monday morning. Snow will fall to lower levels in places in Scotland and Northern Ireland, with localised accumulations of 2 to 6 cm, while snow-cover will be more widespread over hills here, with around 10 cm possible above around 400m, especially in the west. Northern areas of England and Wales will see snow chiefly over higher ground, with more than 5 cm in places but with slight accumulations possible at low levels too. Ice will be an additional hazard across much of northern Britain.

The public are advised to be aware of tricky travel conditions generally, and possible disruption to transport.

Flood Warning

Issued by the Environment Agency or by SEPA in Scotland and Natural Resources Wales in Wales

Sunday 1 March

There are no flood warnings in force anywhere in the United Kingdom.

About the Met Office Weather Warnings

BBC Weather carries two types of weather warnings issued by the Met Office: Warnings and Early Warnings.

Warnings will be issued when severe weather is expected within the next 24 hours.

Early Warnings will be issued more than 24 hours ahead of severe weather.

There are three categories of event Red, Amber and Yellow - the most severe is Red.

A Warning and an Early Warning of the same colour have the same severity but are forecast to arrive at different times. Thus, the difference between a Red Warning and a Red Early Warning is the lead time of the event.

When a warning is in force, full information can be found at Met Office Weather Warnings

About Flood Warnings

The flood warnings are issued by the Environment Agency, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Natural Resources Wales, and sent to the BBC Weather Centre. We then issue a compendium of warnings based on the latest information available. When severe flood warnings are issued they will also be highlighted on TV broadcasts.

Find out more about Flood Warnings

There are a number of ways you find out whether your area is at risk from flooding. The Environment Agency, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Natural Resources Wales update their warnings 24 hours a day via the Floodline number.

Floodline - 0345 988 1188

Monthly Outlook

Monday 23 February Published at 10:00

Monthly Outlook

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring?

This coming week marks the final week of meteorological winter and what has it got in store? Well, fairly standard winter weather with areas of low pressure lining up to the east of the USA aiming directly towards us. What to expect - spells of wind and rain interspersed by brighter and showery weather with a marked swing in the temperature day by day.

Monday 23 February—Monday 2 March
The final week of meteorological winter

Monday starts with a deep area of low pressure moving across the north of Scotland bringing strong winds to all and a mixture of sunshine and showers. The showers will have a wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow. Snow will mostly be confined to hills of England and Wales, though it could fall to low levels over Scotland and Northern Ireland temporarily. A very similar situation will persist into Tuesday with sunshine and scattered wintry showers. It will windy for all both days with gales possible anywhere, the winds most severe for the northwest. On Wednesday it is likely we will see a brief interlude of calmer weather with some brighter, drier weather before the next Atlantic system pushes in, late in the day. The associated band of rain is sluggish to clear on Thursday giving a fairly soggy start for the south and east though, even here, it should brighten up later with plenty of showers packing in from the northwest. And that is how we leave the week, with sunshine and showers on Friday awaiting the next bout of wind and rain at the weekend.

Monday 2 March—Sunday 8 March
New month new weather pattern?

We start the first week of march with a continuing unsettled theme however as we progress though the week, pressure may start to build towards the south of the country with low pressure becoming increasingly confined to northern areas. It is likely that there will still be bouts of wet and windy weather with gales for north-western areas. But interspersed amongst the low pressure will be sunnier periods, these most frequent across the south of the UK.

Monday 9 March—Sunday 22 March
The first signs of spring?

As we move into mid-march it looks like occasional signs of spring-like weather may start to appear over the UK, especially in the south. It looks as though there will still be spells of wet and windy weather from time to time but there is an increasing trend for high pressure to build in from the south. This would typically bring some sunny spells by day but chilly nights with the risk of overnight fog and patches of frost.

Next week

As the clocks spring forward to British Summer Time, what will the weather bring?

Monthly forecasting
The weather beyond about a week ahead stretches even the most experienced weather forecaster. Complex numerical weather forecast models from the Met Office and the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) are run many times for the month (and season) ahead to build up a picture of the likelihood of different weather types affecting the UK.

Next update at 10:00, Monday 2 March


Sunday 1 March Published at 15:34


Very windy with gales. Wintry showers with snow over hills.
This Evening and Tonight

Remaining breezy for the whole of the country, with further blustery showers in the north and west. The showers will become increasingly wintry, giving snow accumulations over the hills and even to lower levels, leading to an ice risk.


Windy with possible local gales. Sunny spells and wintry showers, heaviest and most frequent in the north and west with a local thunder risk. Significant snow accumulations over northern hills.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday

Cold and windy with sunny intervals and further wintry showers Tuesday. Turning drier with lighter winds from the west on Wednesday. Milder conditions with some rain spreading southeastwards through Thursday.

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