World Summary

Vancouver 4°C 39°F
Mexico City 12°C 54°F
Honolulu 20°C 68°F
1°C 34°F New York
24°C 75°F Buenos Aires
Reykjavik -2°C 28°F
London 5°C 41°F
Cairo 11°C 52°F
20°C 68°F Cape Town
-3°C 27°F Moscow
25°C 77°F Kuala Lumpur
1°C 34°F Tokyo
18°C 64°F Sydney

Features & Analysis

California snowpack is notably low

Parts of California are days away from what may become the driest January on record there. Matt Taylor reports.

Weather for the Week Ahead

The first week of February is characterized by lighter winds but much colder nights.

What is wind chill?

Ever wondered why it feels colder when the wind blows? Peter Gibbs explains.

Forecast Video

North America Forecast Last updated 02:01, Friday 30 Jan