World Summary

Vancouver 8°C 46°F
Mexico City 16°C 61°F
Honolulu 22°C 72°F
-3°C 27°F New York
35°C 95°F Buenos Aires
Reykjavik -1°C 30°F
London 6°C 43°F
Cairo 16°C 61°F
22°C 72°F Cape Town
1°C 34°F Moscow
26°C 79°F Kuala Lumpur
12°C 54°F Tokyo
22°C 72°F Sydney

Features & Analysis

Peter Gibbs reflects on his trip to Antarctica

Peter has departed the Antarctic for the Falklands. He reflects on his trip on BBC News.

Weather for the week ahead

Sarah Keith Lucas takes us through the weather details for the week.

What is wind chill?

Ever wondered why it feels colder when the wind blows? Peter Gibbs explains.

Forecast Video

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