World Summary

Vancouver 24°C 75°F
Mexico City 19°C 66°F
Honolulu 30°C 86°F
24°C 75°F New York
9°C 48°F Buenos Aires
Reykjavik 11°C 52°F
London 18°C 64°F
Cairo 20°C 68°F
11°C 52°F Cape Town
17°C 63°F Moscow
26°C 79°F Kuala Lumpur
22°C 72°F Tokyo
7°C 45°F Sydney

Features & Analysis

Weather for the week ahead

The heat in Europe persists next week but will the effects be felt in the UK? Nick Miller takes a look.

Record breaking heat across the globe

Unprecedented June heat breaks records in four continents across the globe. Darren Bett reports.

Winter cyclone and Tropical Storms

A rare winter cyclone hits Solomon Islands lashing the Pacific Islands with intense rain.

Forecast Video

North America Forecast Last updated 22:32, Friday 3 Jul