World Summary

Vancouver 25°C 77°F
Mexico City 25°C 77°F
Honolulu 29°C 84°F
31°C 88°F New York
18°C 64°F Buenos Aires
Reykjavik 10°C 50°F
London 19°C 66°F
Cairo 28°C 82°F
9°C 48°F Cape Town
15°C 59°F Moscow
25°C 77°F Kuala Lumpur
28°C 82°F Tokyo
13°C 55°F Sydney

Features & Analysis

Weather for the week ahead

A warmer spell in places for the start of August but will it last? Louise Lear has our latest long range forecast.

Middle East swelters in heatwave

High temperatures are quite normal across the Middle East, but this week the mercury hit 52 Celsius in Iraq – nearly an all-time record. Stav Danoas reports.

Forecast Video

North America Forecast Last updated 16:17, Friday 31 Jul