World Summary

Vancouver 18°C 64°F
Mexico City 17°C 63°F
Honolulu 28°C 82°F
22°C 72°F New York
9°C 48°F Buenos Aires
Reykjavik 11°C 52°F
London 18°C 64°F
Cairo 20°C 68°F
11°C 52°F Cape Town
18°C 64°F Moscow
30°C 86°F Kuala Lumpur
32°C 90°F Tokyo
15°C 59°F Sydney

Features & Analysis

Friday lunchtime's thunderstorms

A line of thunderstorms which developed across the southeast was captured by the BBC's rooftop camera in central London.

F1 forecast

The F1 teams are in Hungary this weekend. Ian Fergusson looks at the qualifying and race conditions in Budapest.

Where's hot in Europe?

Temperatures are already high in Scandinavia and are set to rise even further this weekend.

Forecast Video

North America Forecast Last updated 02:03, Saturday 26 Jul