World Summary

Vancouver 5°C 41°F
Mexico City 11°C 52°F
Honolulu 21°C 70°F
1°C 34°F New York
17°C 63°F Buenos Aires
Reykjavik 0°C 32°F
London 12°C 54°F
Cairo 22°C 72°F
26°C 79°F Cape Town
-1°C 30°F Moscow
26°C 79°F Kuala Lumpur
7°C 45°F Tokyo
22°C 72°F Sydney

Features & Analysis

Weather for the Week Ahead

Will the tinsel be sparkling in the sunshine, draped in the white stuff or just a bit soggy? Find out in our Weather for the Week Ahead forecast.

How to predict an avalanche

BBC weather presenter John Hammond has been to the Cairngorms to find out how experts predict an avalanche.

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