World Summary

Vancouver 7°C 45°F
Mexico City 15°C 59°F
Honolulu 23°C 73°F
1°C 34°F New York
26°C 79°F Buenos Aires
Reykjavik 3°C 37°F
London 9°C 48°F
Cairo 15°C 59°F
17°C 63°F Cape Town
-3°C 27°F Moscow
25°C 77°F Kuala Lumpur
11°C 52°F Tokyo
19°C 66°F Sydney

Features & Analysis

Nor'easter threatens Thanksgiving travel

One of the busiest days for travelling across the US could be affected by snow and strong winds. Peter Gibbs has more.

6-10 day forecast

The first week of December looks set to bring the influence of high pressure but Nina Ridge explains why it may not always be clear skies.

More floods for Morocco?

After a brief respite from the devastating floods a few days ago, Morocco braces itself for even more rain.

Forecast Video

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