Weather Extended Outlook

Map of extended outlook areas

Map Key

  • dark blue Niton
  • purple Cullercoats
  • dark green Portpatrick

Extended Outlooks 1800 UTC Wed 29 Jul to 1800 UTC Sat 01 Aug Issued by the Met Office, on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, at 272300 UTC

  1. Niton

    At first large mid Atlantic anticyclone extending east across the north of the Niton region, while a small low lies 42N 20W, 1014. This low fills as it moves southeastwards Wednesday night into Thursday, allowing the high pressure to cover the entire Niton region. Thereafter high pressure will continue to dominate the weather across the Niton region, with the anticyclone moving east to become centred over sea area Biscay by midday Saturday, 1023. A large depression will follow from the west, becoming centred mid Atlantic by the end of the forecast period. Wednesday evening and overnight strong winds across eastern Thames, abating Thursday morning while strong winds develop across southeastern Fitzroy and isolated strong winds develop across northern Shannon. Friday night strong winds across northern Shannon cease, while strong winds continue across southeastern Fitzroy. Saturday strong winds become isolated across Fitzroy

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  2. Cullercoats

    Initially low centred northern Denmark, 993, moving southeastwards and filling Wednesday night. Thursday a ridge follows from the west across the UK, then extends across northern Europe Friday, while a low moves southeastwards from the south of Iceland. By midday Friday low expected centred 56N 11W, 1006. Low then moves east, expected midday Saturday just north of the Hebrides, 1007, while high pressure becomes centred across the Bay of Biscay. Near gale force winds across the eastern North Sea until Thursday evening, with isolated gales likely Wednesday night. Thursday evening strong winds gradually replace most of the near gale force winds across the eastern North Sea, except across the far east of both South Utsire and Fisher. The remaining strong or near gale force winds gradually abate Friday. Across the western North Sea, apart for the far west of both Thames and Fair Isle, strong winds Wednesday night, abating Thursday morning. Friday occasional strong winds possibly across Fair Isle

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  3. Portpatrick

    Wednesday evening low centred to the southwest of Iceland, near 60N 30W, 1007, while much of the Portpatrick region lies underneath a ridge of high pressure extending northwards from a large Atlantic anticyclone. By midday Thursday the ridge moves east, across the UK, while the low becomes centred 59N 21W, 1007. Friday and Saturday high pressure dominates the weather conditions across the far south of the Portpatrick region, while further north the low gradually approaches the UK, expected midday Saturday just north of the Hebrides, near 59N 08W, 1007. Wednesday evening strong winds across the east of Fair Isle, abating Thursday morning. Meanwhile Thursday morning isolated strong winds develop across northern Shannon, southern Rockall, Malin, Faeroes and South-East Iceland, and then persist through much of Friday. Friday night through Saturday morning strong winds continue across South-East Iceland, perhaps with isolated near gales, elsewhere strong winds abate. Strong winds finally across South- East Iceland later Saturday afternoon

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