Weather Extended Outlook

Map of extended outlook areas

Map Key

  • dark blue Niton
  • purple Cullercoats
  • dark green Portpatrick

Extended Outlooks 1800 UTC Sun 23 Oct to 1800 UTC Wed 26 Oct Issued by the Met Office, on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, at 212300 UTC

  1. Niton

    On Sunday evening a deep low is expected to be centred just west of Fitzroy 986 with a cyclonic airflow covering all waters in Niton. Overnight and into Monday the low will move slowly south to become centred just west of Trafalgar 991 by midday Monday, with a broad trough extending northeast across Biscay and Fitzroy. By midday Tuesday the low is expected to continue filling and moving away southwards, as a ridge extending from the northeast across the UK to northern Fitzroy. On Sunday night gales look set to affect some western waters of Niton and may extend further east to affect some English Channel waters. Winds then decreasing to strong or less by Monday morning. On Tuesday strong easterly winds may continue across southwest Fitzroy with strong southwesterlies developing in Shannon. Both of these areas of strong winds will ease on Wednesday

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  2. Cullercoats

    On Sunday evening a ridge of high pressure will extend from Scandinavia across most of the North Sea with low pressure dominating further south. This low pressure is then expected to fill with an easterly airflow dominating most waters by Monday evening. By midday Tuesday an area of low pressure will develop over northern Germany with a broad ridge of high pressure extending from Finland to Ireland. Later on Tuesday into Wednesday pressure will start to build in the south with an area of high pressure, 1029, centred over northern France by midday Wednesday. On Sunday evening overnight into Monday strong easterly winds will affect Forties, Fisher and South Utsire. These strong winds will slowly ease later on Monday with no hazardous winds forecast in Cullercoats until later on Tuesday when strong southerly winds will move into Fair Isle and Viking. These strong winds will persist through Wednesday and slowly veer into the west

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  3. Portpatrick

    On Sunday evening high pressure will extend westwards from Scandinavia across most of Portpatrick however a deep low is expected to be centred just west of Fitzroy 986 affecting southern Portpatrick. During Monday this low is expected to fill and move away southwards. By midday Monday another low is expected just west of Iceland 999 and this will quickly move away northeast. By midday Tuesday a deeper low is expected to become centred 300 miles southwest of Iceland 968 with a slow-moving, broad ridge of high pressure extending from southern Norway to Ireland. Easterly gales may affect far southern waters of Portpatrick on Sunday night before decreasing strong during Monday morning. On Tuesday strong southerly winds will develop in Rockall, Bailey and South East Iceland. These will increase to gale strength and move into Bailey and Faeroes. During Wednesday strong south or southwesterly winds will affect much of Portpatrick, possibly reaching gale strength in South East Iceland

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Last Updated at 23:38 UTC on Friday 21 October