Weather Coast and Sea


Coastal Forecast

A 24 hour weather forecast for 24 UK coastal areas

Tide Tables

Tidal information supplied by the UK Hydrographic Office

Inshore Waters

There are strong wind warnings in 3 areas.

There is a gale warning in 1 area.

For today a high centred over southern Scandinavia will give mainly fair weather and an easterly flow of air. On Sunday it will then turn unsettled and windy across southern parts, courtesy of a low moving westwards along the English Channel.

Shipping Forecast

There is a gale warning in 1 area.

The general synopsis at midnight

High southern Norway 1028 expected North Utsire 1024 by midnight tonight

Extended Outlook

The Extended Outlook aims to signpost expected hazards for the Cullercoats, Niton and Portpatrick areas for the three days beyond the 24 hour shipping forecast.

High Seas

There are storm warnings in 2 areas.

The general synopsis at 18 April 19:00 UTC

At 181200UTC, low 66 north 34 west 976 expected 64 north 36 west 991 by 191200UTC. Low 71 north 16 west 973 expected 73 north 09 east 987 by same time. Low 39 north 29 west 1007 expected 37 north 24 west 1005 by that time. at 180000UTC, high 54 north 05 west 1024 expected 59 north 05 east 1026 by 191200UTC. High 49 north 51 west 1040 expected 49 north 40 west 1032 by same time. New low expected 47 north 23 west 1009 by that time