Crynodeb y Byd

Vancouver 5°C 41°F
Mexico City 13°C 55°F
Honolulu 24°C 75°F
17°C 63°F New York
22°C 72°F Buenos Aires
Reykjavik 6°C 43°F
London 7°C 45°F
Cairo 19°C 66°F
24°C 75°F Cape Town
-2°C 28°F Moscow
27°C 81°F Kuala Lumpur
13°C 55°F Tokyo
26°C 79°F Sydney

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Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Week ahead forecast

We may get off to a cold start this week but as we head towards December things will turn milder again. Stav Danaos takes us through the next 10 days.


Philip Avery looks at what we mean when we talk about frost, and the various forms it can take.

Brief thaw brings flood risk for USA

Rising temperatures and heavy rain will bring a brief thaw to parts of the US and problems with flooding. But more snow is expected by Thanksgiving.

Fideo Rhagolwg

Rhagolwg North America Diweddarwyd 01:28, Llun 24 Tach Mae’r fideo yma ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.