Y Tywydd Arfordir a Môr


Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Rhagolwg Arfordirol

A 24 hour weather forecast for 24 UK coastal areas

Tablau Llanw

Tidal information supplied by the UK Hydrographic Office

Dyfroedd Gyda'r Glannau

There are strong wind warnings in 19 areas.

There is a gale warning in 1 area.

Northwesterly gales or severe gales, affecting northern and eastern areas at first, will decrease, as a ridge of high pressure moves eastwards across the United Kingdom. Another Atlantic frontal system will then follow from the west during Saturday night and through Sunday.

Rhagolwg Llongau

There are gale warnings in 20 areas.

The general synopsis at midnight

New low expected 350 miles west of Iceland 956 by midnight tonight. High 100 miles west of Sole expected Biscay 1038 by same time. Low Norwegian Sea 978 moving slowly away eastwards

Rhagolwg Estynedig

The Extended Outlook aims to signpost expected hazards for the Cullercoats, Niton and Portpatrick areas for the three days beyond the 24 hour shipping forecast.

Moroedd Uchel

There are storm warnings in 2 areas.

The general synopsis at 19 December 20:00 UTC

At 191200UTC, low 49 north 55 west 988 expected 63 north 32 west 970 by 201200UTC. New low expected 72 north 15 east 982 by same time. High 48 north 23 west 1032 expected 47 north 12 west 1037 by that time. Lows 63 north 39 west 995 and 66 north 01 east 973 both losing their identities