Y Tywydd Rhagolwg Estynedig


Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Map of extended outlook areas

Map Key

  • dark blue Niton
  • purple Cullercoats
  • dark green Portpatrick

Extended Outlooks 1800 UTC Thu 05 May to 1800 UTC Sun 08 May Issued by the Met Office, on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, at 032300 UTC

  1. Niton

    An east-west orientated ridge of high pressure connecting the Atlantic with Scandinavia will dominate northern parts of Niton to start the period, gradually giving way to a shallow area of low pressure moving up from the south over the weekend. This low will start the period with a central pressure near 1008 over Biscay, moving gradually northwards to the vicinity of southern UK, with central pressure reaching near 1010 by late Sunday. No hazardous winds are expected for much of the Niton area throughout the coming four day period. The main exceptions are likely to be eastern Biscay throughout, with strong winds or perhaps near gale force winds at times here. The other area expected to be prone to strong winds from later Friday and through the weekend is the far northwest of Niton, specifically western Sole and Shannon in general

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  2. Cullercoats

    High pressure, 1030, is expected to dominate the Cullercoats area through this period, with the main centre progressing slightly from the vicinity of Denmark late on Thursday, to end the weekend over the Baltic States at a similar depth. This will allow a shallow area of low pressure to move very gradually northwards from the Bay of Biscay to the vicinity of the UK, with central pressure reaching around 1000 towards the end of Sunday. Near-gales in the extreme north of the North Sea should soon ease late on Thursday, leaving no hazardous winds across the Cullercoats area for Friday. The theme of no hazardous winds should then continue for the majority of Cullercoats through the weekend, although strong winds are possible at times in North Utsire and South Utsire, perhaps also developing in Fair Isle through the course of Sunday

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  3. Portpatrick

    This period should start with a main low near Southeast Iceland with central pressure near 990. This feature should fill as it moves slowly northwards from the Portpatrick area into the weekend, allowing a latitudinal ridge of high pressure to dominate in its wake, connecting the Atlantic with Scandinavia. This in turn will be followed over the weekend by a shallow area of low pressure moving into southern UK, with central pressure near 1000 by late Sunday. This period should start with no hazardous winds for the majority of the Portpatrick area, although in the far north, Bailey, Faeroes and Southeast Iceland may see near gales through to Saturday. As the risk of strong winds eases in the far north, it should increase in the far south, particularly in Shannon over the weekend, then possibly becoming more widespread in Atlantic Portpatrick on Sunday south of 60 North as well as affecting Fair Isle

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