Aimsir An Ríocht Aontaithe


An Ríocht Aontaithe


Dé Sathairn 18 Aibreán Foilsithe ag 02:00

Rabhaidh don RA

Rabhadh Aimsire

Eisithe ag an Oifig Meitéareolaíochta

Is i mBéarla amháin atá an t-inneachar seo ar fáil.

Saturday 18 April

There are no weather warnings in force anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Rabhadh Tuile

Eisithe ag an Ghníomhaireacht Comhshaoil nó ag SEPA in Albain agus Natural Resources Wales sa Bhreatain Bheag

Is i mBéarla amháin atá an t-inneachar seo ar fáil.

Saturday 18 April

There are no flood warnings in force anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Faoi Rabhaidh Aimsire na hOifige Meitéareolaíochta

Tugann BBC Aimsir dhá chineál rabhaidh aimsire eisithe ag an Oifig Meitéareolaíochta: Rabhaidh agus Réamhrabhaidh.

Rabhaidh -eiseofar iad seo nuair a mheasfar go mbeidh drochaimsir ann faoi cheann 24 uair.

Réamhrabhaidh -eiseofar iad seo breis agus 24 uair roimh aimsir dhian.

Tá trí chatagóir teagmhais ann, mar atá, Dearg, Ómrach agus Buí - is é Dearg an ceann is measa.

Bíonn Rabhadh agus Réamhrabhadh den dath céanna chomh trom lena chéile ach táthar á thuar go dtiocfaidh siad ag amanna difriúla. Mar sin, is é an difear idir Rabhadh Dearg agus Réamhrabhadh Dearg ná an t-am is luaithe a thiocfadh leis tarlú.

Nuair a bhíonn rabhadh i bhfeidhm, is féidir faisnéis iomlán a fháil ag Rabhaidh Aimsire na hOifige Meitéareolaíochta

Maidir le Rabhaidh Tuilte

Eisíonn an Ghníomhaireacht Comhshaoil, Scottish Environment Protection Agency agus Natural Resources Wales na rabhaidh tuilte agus cuirtear ar aghaidh chuig Ionad Aimsire BBC iad. Ansin eisíonn muid coimre rabhadh bunaithe ar an eolas is déanaí atá ar fáil. Nuair a eisítear rabhaidh tuilte troma, aibhseofar ar chraoltaí teilifíse iad chomh maith.

Faigh tuilleadh eolais faoi Rabhaidh Thuile

Tá bealaigh éagsúla ann le fáil amach an bhfuil do cheantar féin faoi bhagairt tuilte. Déanann an Ghníomhaireacht Comhshaoil, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency agus Natural Resources Wales a gcuid rabhadh a nuashonrú 24 uair sa lá tríd an uimhir Floodline.

Floodline - 0345 988 1188

Ionchas Míosúil

Dé Luain 13 Aibreán Foilsithe ag 10:00

Ionchas Míosúil

Is i mBéarla amháin atá an t-inneachar seo ar fáil.

Predicatably vernal, not so predictable in detail

The first full week of April brought a spell of very pleasant and warm conditions for large swathes of the UK, with temperatures widely peaking into the high teens on many days. In fact, Friday brought the highest temperature measured in the UK so far this year, with 21.9C recorded at St James's Park in London. It wasn't always gloriously sunny though, with sea fog a particular issue earlier in the week. The sea fog was most prevalent around Irish Sea coasts, with highs of just 8C on some of the protruding coastlines.

The weekend brought a change to a colder mobile westerly weather type for the UK, introducing some heavy showers to northwestern parts, and some fairly heavy rain, strong winds and even some hill snow to Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and northern England on Sunday. That said, most other areas enjoyed some pleasant weekend sunshine, even if conditions did feel a bit fresher than previous days.

So, how is the forecast for the rest of April and early May shaping up? Well, at this stage, it looks like the week ahead will bring some fine and dry weather for many places, with some pretty warm conditions developing early in the week across southeastern parts of the UK. Towards the end of the week, there is some uncertainty in the detail of a potential transition to a cooler northwesterly wind.

Further ahead, a generally more unsettled theme looks the most likely outcome for the UK as a whole. The wide range of weather types forecast to affect the UK over the next few weeks is typical of any UK spring, but the exact detail of the forecast as we move into early May is a little elusive at the time of writing.

Read on to find out the details.

Dé Luain 13 Aibreán—Dé Domhnaigh 19 Aibreán
Warm weather to return - for a time

Any remnants of the wet and windy weather that affected central and northern parts of the UK through the course of Sunday should readily clear to the east early on Monday. High pressure is then expected to take control of the weather over much of the UK for at least the first half of this week. Plenty of dry and bright weather is anticipated for eastern, central and southern areas of the UK, with the warmest day likely to be Wednesday. In fact, Tuesday and Wednesday temperatures will probably peak into the low 20s across East Anglia and southeast England. Northwestern areas of the UK, most notably Northern Ireland and western Scotland, are likely to have a different feel though, with some wetter, windier and cooler conditions envisaged here from time to time.

Frosts are probable during the overnight periods under the clearer skies that will usually be found towards the east, resulting in a large temperature range for many locations over the course of a typical 24 hour period this week. Large diurnal temperature ranges are in fact a typical feature of spring weather.

As the week draws on, low cloud and sea fog may well become an issue for southwestern and southern coasts. There will also be a slight risk of a few showers moving across the Channel into southern parts at times.

As we head towards the end of the working week, a weak cold front will slowly and erratically move southeast across the northern half of the UK, introducing some cooler, showery conditions. Southern areas are likely to remain on the warm side though, but will perhaps turn slightly cloudier.

As we move into the weekend, the predictability of the atmosphere starts to become rather limited. At this stage though, the most likely outcome is for a good deal of dry weather, but with a developing northwesterly breeze resulting in a slightly cooler feel. That said, some southern and particularly southwestern areas may well hang on to some warm, albeit showery, conditions with a stiff easterly breeze.

Dé Luain 20 Aibreán—Dé Domhnaigh 26 Aibreán
Plenty of April showers on the cards

The most likely scenario for the start of this period is that an area of high pressure will bring a fair amount of dry and bright but relatively cool weather to many central and northern and central areas of the UK. Southern parts may well be on the periphery of a continental low though, which could bring some cloudier, milder and showery conditions for a time.

Thereafter, it looks as if conditions will tend towards being on the unsettled side at times, with forecast models suggesting that Atlantic weather systems will sweep in from the west, bringing showery and windy spells, followed by drier and clearer interludes. As is typical for the time of year, should the clearer interludes occur at night, frosts can be expected. The combination of showery spells and overnight frosts makes for fairly typical spring conditions here in the UK. The best chance of any drier and warmer weather will always be towards the southeast.

Dé Luain 27 Aibreán—Dé Domhnaigh 10 Mí na Bealtaine
An uncertain start to May

By weeks three and four of any weather forecast, the level of certainty in detail drops away markedly. This week's forecast for the beginning of May is no exception, with forecast computer models diverging significantly, to the point where no real distinct signal is suggested for any given weather type. That said, some forecasting tools are hinting at the possibility of some further showery conditions affecting northwestern parts of the UK at times, and the chance that temperatures will vary quite significantly by day and night. These factors would suggest that we are in for a further spell of typically vernal conditions across most of the UK. Of course, we will keep you posted on any developments in the forecast here at BBC weather.

An tseachtain seo chugainn

Any sign of some mid-May warmth? Find out next week.

Réamhaisnéisiú míosúil
Ní furasta an aimsir a thuar níos faide ná seachtain nó mar sin chun tosaigh, fiú don réamhaisnéiseoir is mó taithí. Déantar samhaltáin uimhriúla casta a fháil ón Oifig Meitéareolaíochta agus ón Lárionad Eorpach do Réamhaisnéisí Aimsire Meánraoin (ECMWF) agus déantar iad a rith a lán uaireanta don mhí (agus don séasúr) atá le theacht. Ar an dóigh sin, cruthaítear pictiúr den dóchúlacht go rachadh cineálacha éagsúla aimsire i bhfeidhm ar an RA.

An chéad uasdátú eile ag 10:00, Dé Luain 20 Aibreán


Dé Sathairn 18 Aibreán Foilsithe ag 04:34


Is i mBéarla amháin atá an t-inneachar seo ar fáil.

Generally dry and settled. Cloudier with showers on Sunday.

Saturday will be dry with sunny spells for most. Windy in the south, especially southwest England and through the English Channel, where it will feel chilly. Feeling pleasantly warm in the sunshine and in shelter from the wind.


Dry, with clear spells in the west. Meanwhile, cloud will be spreading in from off the North Sea into northern and eastern parts of the UK during the night.


A generally cloudier day, with some showers affecting central and eastern parts of the UK. Dry and bright, with sunny spells in the south and west. Cool in the east.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday

High pressure dominates into next week, bringing plenty of fine and dry weather with warm sunny spells, mainly in west. Often cloudy further east. Some chilly nights under clearer skies.

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