Aimsir An Rìoghachd Aonaichte


An Rìoghachd Aonaichte


Diluain 27 An Giblean Air fhoillseachadh aig 07:00 uairean

Rabhaidhean airson an RA

Rabhadh aimsir

Bho Oifis na Sìde

Chan eil seo ri fhaighinn ach ann am Beurla a-mhàin

Monday 27 April

There are no weather warnings in force anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Rabhadh Tuil

Bho Buidheann na h-Àrainneachd no SEPA ann an Alba agus Natural Resources Wales sa Chuimrigh

Chan eil seo ri fhaighinn ach ann am Beurla a-mhàin

Monday 27 April

There are no flood warnings in force anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Mu Rabhaidhean Aimsir Oifis na Sìde

Tha dà sheòrsa rabhadh aimsir bho Oifis na Sìde rim faotainn air Aimsir a' BhBC: Rabhaidhean agus Ro-rabhaidhean.

Thèid Rabhaidhean a thoirt nuair a tha dùil ri fìor dhroch aimsir taobh a-staigh na h-ath 24 uair.

Thèid Ro-rabhadh a thoirt barrachd air 24 uair air thoiseach air fìor dhroch aimsir.

Tha trì ìrean de thachartasan sìde ann, Dearg, Buidhe Shoilleir agus Buidhe - 's e Dearg as miosa.

Tha an aon ìre teinne aig Rabhadh agus Ro-rabhadh den aon dath ach tha dùil ris an droch aimsir aig amannan eadar-dhealaichte. Le sin, 's e an aon diofar eadar Rabhadh Dearg agus Ro-rabhadh Dearg an ùine mus tig an droch aimsir.

Nuair a tha Rabhadh ann tha làn fhiosrachadh ri lorg aig Rabhaidhean (Aimsir) Oifis na Sìde

Mu Rabhaidhean Tuil

Tha rabhaidhean tuil air an gairm le Buidheann na h-Àrainneachd, Buidheann Dìon Àrainneachd na h-Alba agus Natural Resources Wales, agus air an cur gu Ionad na h-Aimsir aig a' BhBC. Tha sinne an uair sin a' sgaoileadh geàrr-chunntas de na rabhaidhean stèidhichte air an fhiosrachadh as ùire a tha ri fhaighinn. Nuair a tha rabhaidhean mu dhroch thuiltean ann, thèid iad cuideachd an craoladh air an telebhisean.

Faigh a-mach tuilleadh mu Rabhaidhean Tuil

Tha grunn dhòighean ann airson faighinn a-mach a bheil cunnart tuil anns an sgìre agad. Tha Buidheann na h-Àrainneachd, Buidheann Dìon Àrainneachd na h-Alba agus Natural Resources Wales ag ùrachadh nan rabhaidhean aca 24 uair gach latha tro àireamh Floodline.

Floodline - 0345 988 1188

Sealladh mìosail

Diluain 27 An Giblean Air fhoillseachadh aig 10:00 uairean

Sealladh mìosail

Chan eil seo ri fhaighinn ach ann am Beurla a-mhàin

Did you dust off your flip flops last week?

The UK can have summer like conditions, winter like conditions and anything in between.

Summer seemed to blossom last week as did the trees. The sights and sounds of anything but winter was in the air. Some of us were comfortable enough to dust off the flip-flops and most probably managed to find some time to enjoy a lunch break outside.

During the last week temperatures widely across the UK reached the high teens to low twenties. Tuesday reached 21.3 in Portmadog in Wales, Drumnadrochit in Scotland reached 21.2C on Wednesday and Holbeach saw 20.1 on Friday.

But what a difference a week can make. Frosty pictures will set the scene this week for many as we get to experience another side to spring and for those that have green fingers, nature will get a welcomed splash of water.

Diluain 27 An Giblean—Didòmhnaich 3 A' Mhàigh
Time to put the flip flops on standby.

A colder week to come with cold and frosty starts for many!

It will be a cold and frosty start to the week. A showery band of rain will spread from the west to east across the UK, with the risk of hail, thunder and hill snow mixed in. Winds will also pick up across the northern half of the UK. Some coastal gales are likely for Northern Ireland and Scotland. There will also be some snow over the high ground of Scotland. Outside any showers all is not lost and there will be plenty of sunshine.

Further showers and perhaps a more persistent spell of rain will move from west to east for the middle part of the week, again we are likely to see some hail and thunder mixed in, particularly across northern areas. Thereafter, a drier picture looks likely to develop for a brief period, but the risk of the odd sharp shower will always be close by. As we move into the weekend, north and northeastern areas look likely to hang onto dry and cool conditions. Elsewhere, we see a touch of something milder spreading in from the south, along with the chance of rain.

Diluain 4 A' Mhàigh—Didòmhnaich 10 A' Mhàigh
April showers in May??

And it's all change again by the end of the Bank Holiday weekend, but with a degree of uncertainty. By the time we start knocking off next week the current forecast suggests the theme of changeable weather, with sunshine and showers revisiting our weather pattern through the beginning of May.

What does this mean and what type of showers will we get? During the spring, we can experience all types of showers - rain, snow and hail with fairly gusty winds thrown in.

Why is this? During the spring time, not only does the ocean provide a heating mechanism for the atmosphere to generate showers, but so too does the land. We have reached that time of year where we need to remember how strong the sunshine can be. By now we have more daylight than nightlight - approximately 13 hours or so. The land heats up during the day and this acts to provide yet another heat source to generate showers. However, as with all showery situations there will be plenty of sunshine outside of any showers.

Despite the fact it may feel a little chilly at times, don't' forget that as the sun is so strong it is possible to experience sunburn.

Diluain 11 A' Mhàigh—Didòmhnaich 24 A' Mhàigh
Is it nearly summer yet?

Remaining cool at times but perhaps becoming more settled, as areas of high pressure look likely to affect the UK at times. Temperatures are still likely to be generally below average, with night time frosts, however daytime maximums may recover to around normal for the time of year. Rainfall looks set to be around average and equally all signals point to average amount of sunshine.

An ath sheachdain

Take a look at next week's content to see what June and the start of summer will bring.

Tuairmse aimsir mìosail
Tha e doirbh fiù 's don neach as eòlaiche tuairmse a thoirt air an aimsir barrachd air seachdain air thoiseach. Tha modailean iomadh-fhillte bho Oifis na Sìde agus bho Ionad Eòrpach airson Tuairmsean Aimsir Meadhan-ùineil (ECMWF) air an ruith airson a' mhìos (agus an ràith) air thoiseach, a' togail dealbh de aimsirean eadar-dhealaichte a dh'fhaodadh a bhith buailteach buaidh a thoirt air an RA.

An ath ùrachadh aig 10:00 uairean, Diluain 4 A' Mhàigh


Diluain 27 An Giblean Air fhoillseachadh aig 04:39 uairean


Chan eil seo ri fhaighinn ach ann am Beurla a-mhàin

Unsettled and feeling cold for most this week.

Sunny spells and showers for many. Showers most frequent in the north and west, locally heavy and turning wintry in parts of the north, mainly on hills. Becoming windy in the north and west, with gales likely for a time.


Showers continuing for many northern and western parts, wintry over hills in the north and occasionally to lower levels. Drier elsewhere, and cold for most with a local frost developing.


A bright, breezy day with showers, mainly across northern and western parts, but also some lengthy sunny spells. Showers may be heavy at times and wintry over some hills.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday

Strong winds and rain for most on Wednesday, clearing eastwards to sunshine and showers by Thursday. Drier for many on Friday. Staying rather cold, with some hill snow in north.

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