Aimsir An Rìoghachd Aonaichte


An Rìoghachd Aonaichte


Disathairne 29 An Lùnasdal Air fhoillseachadh aig 14:17 uairean

Rabhaidhean airson an RA

Rabhadh aimsir

Bho Oifis na Sìde

Chan eil seo ri fhaighinn ach ann am Beurla a-mhàin

YELLOW WARNING OF RAIN for southeast England

Updated at 10:40 on Sat 29 Aug

Valid from 22:00 on Sat 29 Aug

Valid until 23:50 on Sun 30 Aug

Although not all areas will be affected, thundery showers or areas of heavy rain are likely to affect some southern and eastern parts of England late on Saturday evening and on Sunday. The main focus for thundery downpours looks limited to the southeast corner of England overnight but then becomes rather more widespread during Sunday afternoon and evening. Lightning may be an additional hazard.

The public should be aware of the risk of localised impacts from heavy rain and flooding, which may affect travel and some outdoor events.

YELLOW WARNING OF RAIN for southeast England

Updated at 11:23 on Sat 29 Aug

Valid from 01:00 on Mon 31 Aug

Valid until 23:59 on Mon 31 Aug

Further areas of heavy rain or thundery showers may affect parts of southern and eastern England on Bank Holiday Monday, with an additional risk of strong winds developing. It should be noted that there is a larger than average uncertainty in the areas likely to be affected, with updates to this Alert very likely. Meanwhile, the public should be aware of the risk of further localised flooding and impacts on holiday activities.

Rabhadh Tuil

Bho Buidheann na h-Àrainneachd no SEPA ann an Alba agus Natural Resources Wales sa Chuimrigh

Chan eil seo ri fhaighinn ach ann am Beurla a-mhàin

Friday 28 August

There are no flood warnings in force anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Mu Rabhaidhean Aimsir Oifis na Sìde

Tha dà sheòrsa rabhadh aimsir bho Oifis na Sìde rim faotainn air Aimsir a' BhBC: Rabhaidhean agus Ro-rabhaidhean.

Thèid Rabhaidhean a thoirt nuair a tha dùil ri fìor dhroch aimsir taobh a-staigh na h-ath 24 uair.

Thèid Ro-rabhadh a thoirt barrachd air 24 uair air thoiseach air fìor dhroch aimsir.

Tha trì ìrean de thachartasan sìde ann, Dearg, Buidhe Shoilleir agus Buidhe - 's e Dearg as miosa.

Tha an aon ìre teinne aig Rabhadh agus Ro-rabhadh den aon dath ach tha dùil ris an droch aimsir aig amannan eadar-dhealaichte. Le sin, 's e an aon diofar eadar Rabhadh Dearg agus Ro-rabhadh Dearg an ùine mus tig an droch aimsir.

Nuair a tha Rabhadh ann tha làn fhiosrachadh ri lorg aig Rabhaidhean (Aimsir) Oifis na Sìde

Mu Rabhaidhean Tuil

Tha rabhaidhean tuil air an gairm le Buidheann na h-Àrainneachd, Buidheann Dìon Àrainneachd na h-Alba agus Natural Resources Wales, agus air an cur gu Ionad na h-Aimsir aig a' BhBC. Tha sinne an uair sin a' sgaoileadh geàrr-chunntas de na rabhaidhean stèidhichte air an fhiosrachadh as ùire a tha ri fhaighinn. Nuair a tha rabhaidhean mu dhroch thuiltean ann, thèid iad cuideachd an craoladh air an telebhisean.

Faigh a-mach tuilleadh mu Rabhaidhean Tuil

Tha grunn dhòighean ann airson faighinn a-mach a bheil cunnart tuil anns an sgìre agad. Tha Buidheann na h-Àrainneachd, Buidheann Dìon Àrainneachd na h-Alba agus Natural Resources Wales ag ùrachadh nan rabhaidhean aca 24 uair gach latha tro àireamh Floodline.

Floodline - 0345 988 1188

Sealladh mìosail

Diluain 24 An Lùnasdal Air fhoillseachadh aig 10:00 uairean

Sealladh mìosail

Chan eil seo ri fhaighinn ach ann am Beurla a-mhàin

Will average August turn into sunny September?

It's probably fair to say that we've had a typically British mix of weather this summer, with most areas enjoying occasional spells of warm sunshine among the showers, although the balance did tip rather heavily towards the damp end of the scale across Scotland. There are signs of a change towards a more settled spell at the end of August - just as the last few schools open their doors for the new term.

Diluain 24 An Lùnasdal—Didòmhnaich 30 An Lùnasdal
Keep the brolly handy this week

The weather is dominated by the Atlantic influence this week, with areas of low pressure bringing spells of rain from the west. Some of the rain in the south could be particularly heavy, especially earlier in the week. There will be some sunshine at times too, but a brisk west to southwesterly breeze is likely to make it feel a little on the cool side.

Diluain 31 An Lùnasdal—Didòmhnaich 6 An t-Sultain
Last Bank Holiday before Christmas

You might think a Bank Holiday Monday would guarantee rain, but in fact it looks like the last day of August will mark the start of a trend towards some more settled weather for the start of the first month of autumn. Still rather breezy with a few showers at first, but as high pressure builds in from the west the weather should become drier and quieter. It will feel pleasant enough in sunshine by day, but calm, clear nights will allow an autumnal chill to develop and perhaps some seasonal mists.

Diluain 7 An t-Sultain—Didòmhnaich 20 An t-Sultain
Early autumn or late summer?

It may sound surprising, but the character of our weather during the middle of September is likely to be decided by current weather conditions over west Africa. Groups of big thunderstorms, known as easterly waves, are moving out across the Atlantic from the African coast. These have the potential to develop into hurricanes, and if that happens the knock-on effect of a big injection of energy into the atmosphere is to reduce the predictability of weather across northwest Europe. In other words, there's no clear signal at the moment for the type of weather we can expect across the UK during the second part of September, The best estimate suggests that cool breezes and occasional rain are most likely in the northwest, with warmer and drier weather more common in the southeast.

An ath sheachdain

Onwards through the autumn equinox and the nights become longer than the days, but when might those nights bring the first sharp frosts of the season?

Tuairmse aimsir mìosail
Tha e doirbh fiù 's don neach as eòlaiche tuairmse a thoirt air an aimsir barrachd air seachdain air thoiseach. Tha modailean iomadh-fhillte bho Oifis na Sìde agus bho Ionad Eòrpach airson Tuairmsean Aimsir Meadhan-ùineil (ECMWF) air an ruith airson a' mhìos (agus an ràith) air thoiseach, a' togail dealbh de aimsirean eadar-dhealaichte a dh'fhaodadh a bhith buailteach buaidh a thoirt air an RA.

An ath ùrachadh aig 10:00 uairean, Diluain 31 An Lùnasdal


Disathairne 29 An Lùnasdal Air fhoillseachadh aig 13:40 uairean


Chan eil seo ri fhaighinn ach ann am Beurla a-mhàin

Showers easing in north tonight. Potentially thundery rain in southeast.
This Evening and Tonight

Cloudy across southeastern Britain with showery rain affecting some parts, possibly turning heavy and thundery in the far southeast. Showers in the north easing leaving clear spells and a chilly night, especially across the east. Central areas dry but chilly.


Still breezy in the far north with scattered showers affecting Northern Ireland and Scotland. Cloudy at times further south with some showery rain, occasionally heavy later. Humid in the southeast.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday

Rain across southern and eastern parts Monday gradually clearing, with drier, brighter conditions following Tuesday. Showers in the north slowly ease. Some pleasant sunshine, but chilly nights developing for all.

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