Adsum Foundation

Adsum Foundation provides support for people and communities in the developing world
A Radio Ulster Appeal on behalf of Adsum Foundation

Adsum Foundation, is a locally-based charity which supports communities in rural Madagascar, giving young people and their families access to essential services such as water, education and health care.

Madagascar, which is the 4th largest island in the world, is also one of its poorest countries. Only a small % of the people who live in rural Madagascar have access to clean water. Adsum Foundation has played its part in helping over 100 Malagasy communities to get access to this resource.

Around a quarter of all Malagasy children don’t have regular access to schooling. Many school buildings are unwelcoming and unsafe and need urgent investment to cover the essentials for a basic education. With the support of corporate partnerships and community fundraisers, Adsum have been able to build over 40 primary schools in Madagascar.

The Adsum Bike Aid Madagascar project, which is located just off the Ormeau Road in Belfast, refurbishes bikes that people don’t want any more and sends them along with other essential aid, to Madagascar. Bike donations are in good supply, but the charity needs more volunteers to help prepare the bikes for their new owners!

To volunteer with the Bike Aid project, to make a donation or to find out more about the work of Adsum Foundation please visit the Adsum Foundation website or Facebook page. You can also contact the charity by email at

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