Huntington's Disease Association

Huntington's Disease Association Northern Ireland (HDANI) provide support services for people with Huntington’s disease.

Huntington’s disease, which is also known as HD, is a brain disease which affects a person’s mood, mind and movement. It’s a genetic condition for which there isn’t yet a cure. And it has a limiting impact on life expectancy. In Northern Ireland there are around 350 people who are affected, or are at risk of developing, Huntington’s disease.

The Northern Ireland Huntington’s Disease Association HDANI was set up 30 years ago. It provides a range of services including support groups, a befriending scheme, a youth programme and social events throughout the year. It also helps people to deal with the isolation and stigma that is sometimes associated with this disease.

To find out more about the work of Huntington’s Disease Association Northern Ireland, please visit its website or get in touch with the charity by email at

Listen to the BBC Radio Ulster Appeal on behalf of Huntington's Disease Association

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