Technology Operations

As industry leaders our facilities are supported by technical and craft specialists, dedicated to providing innovative broadcast services and the highest standard of customer satisfaction and advice.

BBCNI Technology Operations offers complete production packages designed to address any production requirement for any event across any genre.

Services include:

  • Outside broadcasts and studio events
  • Post-production, dubbing, and finishing
  • Graphic and visual effects
  • Radio studios and audio dubbing
  • PSC camera crews
  • Media Central: Full end-to-end workflow support to include data manipulation, file delivery, transfer and storage coordination
  • A rich historical archive of footage, audio clips, stills and newspaper cuttings

From location sourcing and technical planning through to shooting, post-production and audience interaction we provide a full broadcast service to the BBC as well as to local, national and international broadcast partners and media companies.


While our primary customer is the BBC, we are very keen to explore opportunities to trade on our marginal capacity.

Please contact BBC Northern Ireland Technology Operations for more information on how we can help you to deliver your programme or event.

To book facilities & for further advice please contact Gerry Allen on 028 90 338440


Business Address:

BBC Northern Ireland Technology Operations

3rd Floor, Broadcasting House

Ormeau Avenue



Northern Ireland

Studios & Outside Broadcasts

Studio One

Studio One is in the iconic BBC Broadcasting House building located in the centre of Belfast. At 2200sq ft, Studio One is ideal for magazine type programmes and smaller events of up to 100 people, smaller more intimate interview sets, radio recordings or transmissions and single camera shoots. It can also be used for media training exercises.

A studio with three chairs around a desk, with subdued lighting.
Studio 1 at Belfast Broadcasting House

Studio A

BBC Northern Ireland Studio A is Northern Ireland's largest purpose built television studio located at Blackstaff House, Belfast. With 5000 sq ft of floor space, Studio A can accommodate 290 people on retractable seating and has been used for sitcoms, drama, light entertainment, orchestral performances, current affairs, news, children's programmes, an election hub, chat shows, radio programming as well as providing a space for non broadcast events.

There are seven dressing rooms, a make-up room, costume area and a green room with audio visual equipment. The Blackstaff Audience Reception Area (BARA) is an ideal space for welcoming your audience and has full audio and video facilities available. The television production control room for Studio A is provided by BBC NIHD1, and the studio also has a dedicated lighting control room and production offices.

A large studio with a rock band playing. A variety of cameras and equipment are in the foreground.
Studio A at Blackstaff House, Belfast


BBC NIHD1 is a high specification, multi-format, air conditioned HD production truck. It is designed to be extremely flexible with the ability for quick turnaround between different programming requirements.

As well as delivering outside broadcast facilities for major events such as sport, entertainment and news coverage NIHD1 provides the gallery facilities when required for the BBC Blackstaff studio, the biggest purpose built Television Studio in Northern Ireland.

A large outside broadcast truck parked in a street.
BBC NIHD1 on location.


Sound Control Vehicle 1 is a multi-purpose audio vehicle, custom built for BBCNI, designed to provide high quality digital mixes for both live broadcasts and recordings. Based around a Yamaha PM1 Digital desk, this has been used as a mix truck on everything from orchestral concerts such as Proms in the Park, to festivals such as Oxegen, Electric Picnic, Belsonic and T-Vital, as well as comedy and current affairs.

Normally used for radio, it is also ideal for providing complex mixes for television programmes. With a quad split widescreen monitor permanently rigged, and space for other preview monitors, sound for television is easily catered for in the air conditioned control room.

A white truck parked outside a gothic building.
BBC NI Sound Control Vehicle on location

Single Camera Operations

BBC Northern Ireland's lighting camera staff, sound recordists and production electricans are among the best and most creative in the business.

Not only do we have a wealth of experience and expertise, gained from filming in some of the most challenging of conditions across the globe and across all genre of broadcast programming, but we have a deep level of technical ability enabling us to provide professional advice and a high standard of personal service and support to our clients. 

A camera man and sound man recording a broadcast in a church.
Camera crew on location

Media Central

Media Central is a Digital Production Centre of Excellence for internal and external clients, incorporating full end-to-end workflow support including Production tracking, Data manipulation and File delivery, transfer and storage co-ordination.

Media Central combines the skills of an Assistant Editor with a Technologist to meet the changing needs of our Craft and Production teams. The Media Central staff assist production staff and editors from the offline edit to the final online edit.

Essence media is ingested and manipulated to be compatible with the editing applications that we utilise in BBC NI such as Cinegy, Avid and Dalet. Other duties include the administration and management of editing applications and storage, as well as the production of interim viewing, transcription copies, tape clones and DVDs.

Post Production

BBC Northern Ireland Technology Operations Post Production can offer you an end to end seamless workflow from back up or ingesting of rushes to a Harding Test and HDCamSR TX master, all without leaving the building.

Audio Post Production

Dub 1 and Dub 2 are both built around the Yamaha DM2000 digital mixing console, Pyramix DAW for audio recording and editing and VCube for video playback. 

Post Production Graphics

BBC Northern Ireland offers a specialist television graphics facility, with a full design service from initial concept to finished product.

Video Post Production

BBC Northern Ireland can offer you an end to end seamless workflow from back up or ingesting of rushes to a Harding Test and HDCamSR TX master.

Technical Review

BBC NI Technical Review takes place in a dedicated suite which incorporates an Avid Symphony Nitris that can capture in, if requested, any problematic material and with time and material permitting and correct minor failures in-situ.

Three screens with video editing software showing on them.
Post Production video editing suite at Broadcasting House Belfast

Media Management and Archive

BBC Northern Ireland holds an extensive collection of news, feature programmes and associated paperwork covering the Northern Ireland political and social history from the 1960s to present day. This collection includes newspaper cuttings from the 1950s to 2000. All our customers, particularly our national and international customers, have the benefit of our in depth knowledge and expertise to deal with their requests.

A mechanical arm selects a tape from a tightly packed shelf of thousands of tapes.
Robotic tape library

Radio facilities

Studio 3

Studio 3 at Belfast Broadcasting House is purpose built to a high broadcast specification and is specifically designed for radio drama, readings, education productions and small acoustic music groups. The studio has a wide selection of props, from a dinner service to doors with a variety of latches, a small staircase and a fully functioning kitchen sink, all available for "spot effects". There is access to an extensive digital sound effects library.

A variety of sound effects of feet walking are made during a drama recording in the radio studio
Studio 3 at Belfast Broadcasting House

Studio 5

Studio 5 is purpose built to a high BBC broadcast specification and has been designed as a general purpose studio. The studio is ideal for live and pre- recorded discussion programmes involving outside sources for contributions from other studios or by ISDN, telephone or IP. The area has the infrastructure to take to air up to 6 live telephone contributions simultaneously.

Three technical staff at audio controls look on into the studio through its glass window.
Studio 5 at Belfast Broadcasting House

VSat Vehicle, Sound Control Vehicle and OBs

BBC Northern Ireland's VSat vehicle is a completely self-sufficient control room, equipped for everything from simple three minute live inserts into a programme, to a pre-recording of comedy programmes with play-ins of music and effects. The van can run for several hours without being connected to a local mains supply, which when combined with the facility of its on-board satellite uplink makes it a truly wireless device for the digital age.

For larger events, SCV1, our purpose built audio vehicle provides high quality digital mixes for both live broadcasts and recordings. Based around a Yamaha PM1 Digital desk, this has been used as a mix truck on everything from orchestral concerts such as Proms in the Park, to festivals such as Oxegen, Electric Picnic, Belsonic and T-Vital, as well as comedy and current affairs.

Within any year you will find our audio staff at events as diverse as live transmissions of the Ulster Orchestra for BBC Radio Three to Hugo Duncan on BBC Radio Ulster.

A Volkswagen Transporter van with a large satellite on top. BBC crew are working around it.
BBC Radio Ulster VSAT on location with the BBC Northern Ireland bus