Annual report and accounts

Our assessment of the BBC’s performance over the last 12 months

Each year we publish our Annual report and accounts which contains our assessment of how we have delivered our mission and public purposes and the extent to which the commitments set out in the Annual plan, as well as regulatory and other commitments, have been met.

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Annual report 2020/21

  • The BBC in 2020/21 Some key stats from the past year and a look at the crucial role we have played during the Covid crisis
  • Inform, Educate and EntertainSome of the key ways we delivered our mission - to inform, educate and entertain - in 2020/21
  • Delivering our strategy in 2020/21A look at how we’re delivering our strategy to ensure all audiences get more value from the BBC
  • Delivering our creative remitOur public purposes are enshrined in the Royal Charter and Agreement and are at the core of everything we do
  • Operational reportOur goal is to ensure that the organisation is run as efficiently and effectively as possible and to redirect spending and simplify procedures in a way that supports a more creative and sustainable BBC. Plus a look at how we operate both internally, with our staff, suppliers and producers and externally with a range of stakeholder groups, the public, charities and in partnerships
  • Commercial operationsThe commercial subsidiaries support our public service mission and generate income for the BBC Group, maximising the value of our intellectual property, providing income to fund high-quality distinctive content and supporting the UK’s television industry on the world stage
  • GovernanceThe work of the BBC Board and its committees, plus details of the BBC’s pay disclosures
  • Performance against public commitmentsOur progress against the BBC Charter and Agreement and our licence obligations
  • Performance data packsOur audience performance this year, including detailed performance data for Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England
  • Equality information reportAn update on the progress we have made in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion for our workforce