How you can give your views about our services and future strategy

The BBC has to make many decisions about how it operates, the services it provides including whether they may need to change in the future, and the ways in which the licence fee revenue is spent.

We will consult on a number of areas as set out in the Royal Charter and Agreement and publish the consultations on this website.

The consultations will set out clearly what we are consulting on, why and what may change as a result.

We will be clear on how long the consultation will last for, taking into account the nature and the impact of what we are consulting on.

We'll also consider which stakeholders are most likely to be impacted by the outcome of a consultation and seek to get their input.

The outcome of a consultation will be reported on, setting out how responses have influenced what the decisions we have taken.

Current consultations

The BBC currently has no open consultations.

Closed consultations

The BBC currently has no closed consultations.

Consultation conclusions