Kamal Ahmed

Editorial Director

Roles and responsibilities

  • Kamal Ahmed is part of the News Group Board and in his role as Editorial Director he is responsible for the daily News Editors; Question Time; News Analysis and Explanation (including Reality Check and Long Reads); some of our biggest news brands for young audiences including Newsbeat and digital current affairs, including their work for BBC Three.
  • He is also responsible for visual journalism which includes BBC News graphics and brand.


Last updated July 2019

As Editorial Director Kamal is responsible for shaping the BBC’s future editorial strategy, focusing on how we make our great journalism - and role explaining the news - more relevant to more people.

Since starting in January 2019 Kamal has overseen with colleagues major projects for BBC News including Brexit specials, the BBC’s work on impartiality in the modern world and the Ofcom News Review.

Kamal joined the BBC in 2014 as Business Editor, moving to the role of Economics Editor two years later. Prior to his career at the BBC, Kamal spent four and half years as business editor of the Sunday Telegraph and before that at The Observer as head of news and prior to this, its political editor.

Remuneration received in 2019/20

  • £205,000-£209,999

(as per Annual Report and Accounts disclosure)

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