Senior staff

Find out more about the BBC’s Senior Leaders including their roles and pay

The BBC publishes details of salaries, expenses, gifts, hospitality and declaration of personal interests for all Senior Leaders who earn £178,000 or more per year, as well as for all members of the BBC Board. The list below shows those people whose details are disclosed.

This list does not include commercially-funded roles or employees temporarily acting up into a Senior Leader role.

We publish the annual remuneration of each Executive Committee member, and the fees paid to Board members. For other Senior Leaders, we disclose the remuneration received during the previous financial year, if it was disclosed in the Annual Report. In line with the Annual Report, remuneration is disclosed in bands of £5,000, apart from for Executive Committee and Board members whose exact details are disclosed. Pay details are updated annually for each individual. Expenses are published quarterly.

Staff who have recently left the organisation are listed at the bottom of the page.

Staff members who have left the BBC or who are no longer disclosed due to a change in their responsibilities are listed above.

Their last sets of expenses are published one financial quarter after their leaving date.

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