stories of revolt and war
جهازك لا يدعم تشغيل الفيديو

Syrian Women Diaries

Syrian women tell their stories of revolt and war. Filmed over a period of seven months in 2012, mostly by the women themselves, with small cameras, because it’s extremely dangerous for crews to operate in Syria.

Overseen by Lina Sinjab, the BBC Correspondent in Damascus, the film provides moving and personal insights into the lives of women in Syria’s conflict. The women, like many in Syria, risk their lives for others, for ideas and hopes that are bigger than themselves.

Their stories are personal and moving. Shot in the dark, in the shadows, and hidden for their safety, these women reveal to us what the news never does.

They tell us simply what women do and think and feel in times of conflict. From inside their homes, from the safety of their bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens they show us another side of a brutal and shocking conflict that is led out there, by fighting men.