Advertising - frequently asked questions

Why have you introduced advertising to this BBC website?

In order to support our journalism and minimise the burden on licence fee payers, the BBC, in accordance with guidance from the Government, have agreed that the World Service should undertake limited commercial activity on some of its services. At present advertising is placed on several Language websites and is also present on a localised FM stream in Berlin.

I'm in the UK but I can see adverts on the BBC websites. Why is this?

We do our best to make sure that only users outside the UK see adverts, and use sophisticated technology to achieve this. However if you are viewing a BBC site from within the UK and are seeing adverts, please let us know as soon as possible by e-mail.

How can I contact the BBC with questions about advertising?

More information on BBC advertising can be found at the following URLs:

Are you interested in advertising with the BBC? Click here for more information (IN ENGLISH)

How do we decide which adverts you see on our websites? Click here for more information (IN ENGLISH)