Design + Engineering

In the BBC’s technology division you can make an impact that really matters, develop creatively & technically and be yourself in the team that’s shaping the future of media

BBC D+E is driving the reinvention of the media, whilst delivering TV, radio and online services to millions of people every day. We are the team that supports, develops and maintains the systems and infrastructure that keeps the BBC on air and online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The BBC is the world's leading broadcaster:

  • In the UK, 92% use the BBC every week. We have nine national television services and ten radio networks, with services for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and 40 local radio stations.
  • We're also the biggest British-run digital service in the world.
  • Our global services attract 370m users every week, broadcast in over 30 languages across every continent.

Our services have huge social impact in the UK:

  • BBC iPlayer viewers stream 272 million programmes a month.
  • The BBC is by far the most trusted source of news in the UK.
  • BBC Bitesize reaches around 80% of secondary students and 40% of primary students in the UK.
  • Over 80% of 15-34 year olds use BBC Online every month.

About BBC Design + Engineering

Our Digital Products

  • BBC Sport

    Offers our audiences their own personal sports service

  • BBC Bitesize

    Trusted learning content when it’s needed most, helping develop skills and potential

  • BBC Weather

    Clear and simple forecasts, leading on our approach to location based service

  • CBBC and CBeebies Online

    A dedicated experience to inform, educate, entertain and inspire kids, that is trusted by parents

  • BBC Homepage

    A destination showcasing the best of the BBC, in a way that is relevant to each of us

  • BBC iPlayer

    The best place to watch our distinctive range of live, on-demand and short-form video content

  • BBC Sounds

    A world of radio, music streaming and podcasts, bringing every user a unique listening experience

  • BBC News

    Trusted, accurate and reliable journalism, helping audiences understand and navigate the world around them