Who was Boudicca?

Boudicca with a spear

This is Boudicca. She lived a very long time ago.

She fought against the Romans when they came to take her land.

Find out more about Boudicca's life, below.

Statue of Boudicca in London

Key facts

  • Boudicca led her army against the Romans. She was as brave and strong as any of her soldiers.
  • Boudicca lived many years ago, so we don’t have much information about her. But we can use objects from the past to help us understand her story.

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Did you know?

  • Her name comes from the word 'Bouda'. This means victory.
  • There are no pictures of Boudicca, so we don’t know what she looked like. Tacitus said she had long red hair that hung below her waist.
  • Boudicca’s soldiers painted themselves blue to make themselves look more frightening!
Boudicca's soldiers in a field

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