An exploration of different examples of how Shakespeare uses the theme of conflict within his plays. Conflict is tricky and if handled badly it can have appalling consequences, which Shakespeare shows in many of his tragedies. In 'Julius Caesar', Brutus must deal with a conflict of loyalty. In 'Macbeth', a moral conflict takes centre stage. While in 'Othello', a conflict of jealousy destroys a relationship.

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This could be used to look in more detail at the theme of conflict in Shakespeare's plays. Students could take one of his plays and find examples of when characters have made decisions based on conflict. Students could explore the different kinds of conflict in Shakespeare's plays, from the conflict of loyalty to a friend or to country in 'Julius Caesar', to the moral conflict of 'Macbeth', and manipulated conflict of 'Othello'. This could be linked to historical and modern day conflicts, with students set the challenge of finding examples of conflict in the real world that mirror what is explored in a Shakespeare play.