A look at how a sound designer produces a whole range of sound effects for a dinosaur animation. When animations are made, it is not just the pictures which need to be created. A sound designer receives the film sequence without the sound, and has to think of ways to make sounds to match the pictures. Sounds are produced to match dinosaurs drinking, eating bones, eating leaves, running, walking and walking in snow. Pupils are invited to have a go at making their own sound effects to match a sequence of film.

First broadcast:
3 March 2008

The clip could provide a stimulus into how sound effects are used to improve visual experiences. Pupils could be provided with still pictures of dinosaurs and then a variety of equipment with which they will make their own dinosaur sounds. Could be recorded and played back to class, children guessing which sound belongs to which dinosaur. Pupils could write a story or playscript including dinosaurs, which they can then perform in groups along with their sound effects.
Alternatively, the clip would provide stimulus for creating sound stories and sequences in music or giving advice about how to produce sound recordings to go with animated films produced by pupils. It would also be an interesting clip to play if pupils were learning about different careers.