Justin Coope, a fudge and toffee maker, explains how important it is to measure the temperatures of fudge or toffee mixture carefully to ensure it doesn't become too soft or too hard when it cools. He explains he needs to heat fudge to 118 degrees Celsius while toffee needs to be heated to 140 degrees Celsius. He uses a digital thermometer to measure the temperature. Chocolate burns more easily and can only be heated to about 30 degrees Celsius.

This clip is from:
Science Clips, Keeping Warm
First broadcast:
9 October 2007

As assessment of current knowledge, before watching this clip, children could be asked why temperature is important in cooking and for the highest temperature they know that is used in cooking. After watching this clip, the class could discuss what they learnt about temperatures and precision in cooking. Thereafter, children could explore a range of recipes to find other examples of precise temperature use. This clip could also be linked to children’s work on temperatures in Maths and work on solids and liquids in Science.