While competing in a game show, Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei explain how they discovered the movement of the Earth around the Sun. They describe how they investigated and developed theories about the movement of the Earth, and proved that it spins on its axis around the Sun.

First broadcast:
5 March 2008

Tell the class: "When we've watched the clip, I'll ask you to vote on which of these two scientists was the greatest." After viewing the clip, encourage pupils to argue for the merits of Copernicus or Galileo, giving reasons for their choices. What exactly did Copernicus work out? What did Galileo confirm? Is it more important to have a scientific theory or to find the proof for a scientific theory? Ask: “Why do you think the Church tried to stop Copernicus and Galileo from finding out about the Earth and the Sun?” Encourage pupils to research the contenders' backgrounds more thoroughly, using a variety of books and internet sources. Finally, hold a class vote.