Black and white archive film recording of Arthur Giardelli and friends with commentary regarding the '56 Group. Colour video (present-day) shot of Winter Sea (collage) by Arthur Giardelli, followed by black and white footage from 1966 of Giardelli collecting driftwood and talking about gaining inspiration from the European modern art movement on a visit he made to Holland when he saw the work of Mondrian.

Look at examples of Mondrian's and Giardelli’s work and compare their features and characteristics. Gather visual references on a theme, such as the sea, landscape or buildings, and consider abstract qualities such as colour and shape. Provide a range of coloured papers, textured wallpapers, card, cardboard and found materials to produce an abstract collage developed from a selected theme. Consider how it might communicate a sense of the theme without it being too literal a representation. Write a blog which explains, as simply as possible, how abstract art can be appreciated.