This is a compilation of clips set to a background of music and based on the theme of materials and their uses. Includes glass and metal in buildings and bridges, precious stones, ice and ice sculptures, welding metal, wood flooring, kitchen utensils, blowing glass, stone being broken by a metal tool, plastic bottle manufacture and glass bottles recovered from wrecks. Note: There is no narration in this clip.

First broadcast:
24 September 2007

You could show the clip and ask the class to make a list of all the materials they have seen in the clip. Present them with a list of attributes, eg shiny, hard, soft or fragile and ask them to pick two or three of them to describe each material. Maybe invite them to have a look around in the classroom or school building and find the listed materials. How are they used in the building? You could then ask the children to close their eyes and explore some of the introduced materials with their hands. Can they guess what it is? Do they notice any other properties of the material they have missed at visual inspection?