A look at the similarities and differences between elephants and humans. Presenter Jenny Powell compares elephant features with humans, and takes a close look at the face, mouth, ears, nose and toes.

This clip is from:
KS1 Science Clips, Ourselves
First broadcast:
10 September 2007

The class could be asked: "In what ways are we the same as elephants?" List pupils' ideas, then watch the clip together. Afterwards, the children could be asked to list all the things Jenny found in common with the elephant, such as eye lashes, eye lids, a tongue and toenails. Replay the clip. Did the children spot all of those similarities? Follow up on this work by asking pupils to choose another animal, from a book or other information source, that also shares the same similarities. The children could draw a picture of themselves standing side-by-side with their chosen animal. They could label eye lids, ear lobes and all the other shared characteristics.