Simran, 14, introduces herself: she likes music, photography, food and playing with her brother Vraj, who’s 11. He likes taekwondo. They show us some of their hobbies and interests. They explain their vegetarian way of life and connect it to Hindu beliefs. This belief is all connected up: the one ultimate truth, Brahman, is understood in different ways through the many gods and goddesses of Hindu dharma (means ‘way of life’). They give a picture of their young lives, including what it means to them to be part of their faith community in Britain today.

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27 March 2015

Each pupil could have an identity made up of many pieces, like a jigsaw. They could be given a blank outline of a jigsaw (6-10 pieces is about right) and ask them to draw a picture of themselves into a piece in the middle. Then draw and write into the pieces around them signs, symbols and words for their key relationships, most important beliefs, favourite foods, movies, books, friends and places. It's an identity jigsaw. They could then watch this clip and create an identity jigsaw for Simran and Vraj.