A team writing a musical needs a final song to capture the mood of the closing scene. They discuss the need for descriptive techniques including metaphors, similes and alliteration and the pianist/songwriter plays and sings some possible lines for the happy ending of a love story. He describes how he has used pathetic fallacy. When the genre of the musical changes to horror, he performs another final song and discusses the techniques he uses including oxymoron and hyperbole. Key terms appear as onscreen captions.

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Useful as a re-drafting guide when students have completed a first draft of a piece of descriptive writing. Watch the clip and ask students to identify key features (alliteration, hyperbole, metaphor, oxymoron, pathetic fallacy, simile). Ask them to identify these features in their own descriptive piece and comment on how effective they have been. If any features are missing they should identify where they can be included and add the additional writing.