What happens when you don't listen to instructions? The presenter talks to a chef who is showing her how to make a fruit smoothie. The presenter has not fully listened to the instructions and turns the blender on with no lid in place.

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9 January 2008

Before watching the clip, encourage the children to work in pairs to create a set of instructions for tying a shoe lace. Bring the group together and demonstrate following the instructions whilst tying the lace. Discuss what is going wrong and why. How could the instructions be improved? Look at simplicity, clarity and order. Watch the clip and explain that even if the instructions follow the guidelines above, if the person does not listen carefully, things can become disastrous. Ask each child to complete a simple task, writing each instruction as they go. Bring the children together, work through the instructions and modify where needed. Can the children think of any other situations where it may be dangerous to miss out a key instruction? Children could follow a set of instructions with one step missing and asked if they can add in the vital missing instruction?