Cameron speaks confidently in Scots but his parents were brought up to believe Scots words are slang and worry about his use of the language. His Grandfather is supportive of Cameron and explains that Scots words are not slang, rather they are words that have fallen out of many people's use. Cameron and his Mum discuss whether speaking in Scots is appropriate for professional situations, such as job interviews. Writer Matthew Fitt talks about the damage to children’s confidence caused by telling them off for speaking Scots.

This clip is from:
Scots Scuil
First broadcast:
24 January 2012

This clip could be used in the classroom to start a discussion about using the Scots language instead of using English. This could be developed into writing the argument for using Scots language more often. List the reasons for using Scots language and explain why it is a dialect and not 'slang'. Include a concluding paragraph summarizing the main points of the argument.