Children test how different surfaces can affect how moving objects stop. Everything we do requires a force, either a push or pull. In ten pin bowling, force is needed to knock down the pin and stop the ball.

This clip is from:
Primary Focus Science
First broadcast:
15 April 2008

Could be used as an introduction to a topic on forces. A discussion around the pupils' understanding of what the word friction means would be useful to kick-start this. The investigation carried out on the clip could be reproduced, with the class in small groups using a different variety of materials. There is also an opportunity to reinforce the principles of fair testing including making predictions and repeating measures. The clip could be paused at each point of the investigation where pupils can ensure it is a fair test and the class could discuss why fair testing is so important. A P.E. lesson could be devised as a follow up which could include bowling activities and push and pull exercises. As an extension activity, pupils could devise their own friction investigation and design their own cars to test.