A series of experiments looking at the effects of different drinks on teeth. There are a lot of drinks to choose from but the only drinks which do not damage teeth are milk and water. Some drinks such as cola and orange juice can dissolve the enamel on teeth. Scientific researchers recognise that teeth would not be soaked in drinks for hours at a time and saliva has an impact on the results. Fair tests are carried out to find just how damaging some drinks can be to the enamel on our teeth. Drinking certain drinks only at mealtimes and avoiding brushing teeth for an hour after drinking harmful drinks can reduce the effects. Ideally it is best to avoid the harmful drinks altogether.

First broadcast:
8 October 2007

As part of a topic on healthy eating, caring for yourself or on teeth and eating, this clip provides useful information about the impact of drinks on teeth and enamel as well as a clear example of fair testing. Before viewing the clip, children could be given a quiz about the effects of different drinks on their teeth. Then children could watch the clip and review their intitial understanding. Each child could be encouraged to keep a drinks diary for a week to see if they generally consume drinks which are of benefit to their teeth. At the end of the week, children could be invited to make a commitment to change their habits to benefit their teeth.