A dramatized autobiography of the artist Pablo Picasso, showing his paintings and sketches and talking about the inspiration for his work. Picasso talks about his family and his sister Lola, who was a huge inspiration for his work. He then says that the one person he drew throughout his whole life was himself. He talks about how he used colours to show emotions. He also talks about how one day he decided to change the way he painted people, rather than painting them the way they looked. He demonstrates looking at a person's profile and then their whole face to show how the facial features can appear to change when seen from a different angle. Finally he encourages the children watching to cut up faces from magazines to make new ones.

First broadcast:
26 April 1995

Children could carry out the suggested activity of cutting out facial features from magazines to create a portrait. Alternatively, children could create their own self-portrait pictures using photographs of themselves. Working in pairs, children could photograph each other's faces from a variety of angles. Once printed out, the children could use all the photographs of themselves to create a Picasso inspired self portrait. The completed portraits could then be displayed in a class art gallery as a self portrait exhibition.