When the Romans first arrived in Caledonia, they were not welcomed by the locals. However, relations did improve with some tribes, as indicated by remains of Roman coins and goods found at the sites of some Celtic settlements. It is thought that some Celts even learned to speak Latin.

First broadcast:
14 November 2008

Pupils could discuss what they think was the impact of the Romans on Caledonia. What evidence is there that Romans and native Caledonians mixed at times? By researching the Roman occupation they should be able to find more evidence to support the idea that the peoples mixed, but they should also find evidence of conflict. So, to what extent do pupils agree with the opinion expressed in the clip, and what evidence do they have to support their conclusion? The clip highlights that the Celts and Romans spoke different languages - students could try communicating with each other without talking. What other ways are there of communicating?