Frogs and toads are seen side by side for easy comparison. Presenter Bill Oddie explains how to tell them apart and the key features to look for when identifying them. Frogs have skin which looks wet even when they are out of the water and a throat which is a whitish colour. Toads have warty-looking skin and their overall colour is beige or khaki. There are opportunities for the viewer to identify a series of frogs and toads before labels confirm the answers.

First broadcast:
3 March 2008

This clip could be used at the start of a lesson looking at comparing features of plants and animals. The children could watch the clip and take notes about the features mentioned of both the frog and toad. They could then use these notes to design a classification key or branching database to separate and identify similar animals such as a frog and toad. The children could then be given images of different plants and animals and they could use their observational skills to do the same. They could also use their observational skills to complete a ‘guess who’-style activity.