Children look at objects in the street and talk about what materials they are made from. A young boy taps a parking meter and discovers it is made out of metal. A girl hits a post box which is also made out of metal. The children see a waste bin which looks like it is made from metal but is actually made from plastic. They look in a shop window and see jewellery made out of silver and gold. Finally, they identify parts of a phone box made from metal and plastic.

First broadcast:
24 September 2007

After watching the clip, children could go on their own materials hunt around school, finding out what materials different objects are made from. They could take pictures of the objects and then print these out to do a class sort when they get back to the classroom. Alternatively the teacher could give the object and ask the children to put them into the material group they are made from, possibly extending to looking at Venn diagrams, eg beaker, using glass and plastic as the material groups, could fit in both.