A young Sikh introduces a Sikh place of worship - Shepherds Bush gurdwara. She explains Sikh beliefs about the Guru Granth Sahib and how respect is shown and that Sikhs believe in one God and welcome all to the gurdwara. The langar demonstrates a commitment to service (sewa) and equality.

First broadcast:
24 March 2011

This clip could be used in a lesson on racial equality in Sikhism. Before watching the clip, the students are given a number of teachings from Sikhism about equality. Go through these and get the students to think about ways in which Sikhs can put those teachings into practice. Then watch the clip. During the clip, the students can record on post-it notes all the ways in which equality is represented in the Gurdwara. Then in groups, the students can compare what they have on their post-it notes. Then the students must use the religious teachings to explain why these things happen.