The role and importance of branding in the achievement of increased sales is explored. The growth of 'own-labels' in the UK is considered and the different reaction of competitors to this growth in popularity. The major brands have responded in different ways and these approaches are discussed in detail. Consider carefully the different approaches of Kelloggs and Weetabix.

This clip is from:
The Age of Plenty
First broadcast:
30 November 2010

Students could examine the pros and cons of an independent brand deciding to manufacture for an own-brand. Students could visit a supermarket, or a supermarket's shopping website, and look for examples where own brand products are competing with branded products. They could keep a record of which they would buy and why (for example lowest price or highest perception of quality). Look into how companies like Lidl and Aldi use branding for what are essentially own-brand products. Investigate the diversification of supermarket own brands into different positions with their own premium, everyday and basic products.