A demonstration on how to collect data about favourite flavours of ice cream and organise the data into a block graph. How can we find out which is the most popular ice cream flavour? We could try asking the question 'Do you like ice cream?' but is this a suitable question? If not, why not? We must ask the right questions to get the right data. Once collected, it is important to sort the data. You can display data visually in a block graph for easy interpretation.

First broadcast:
25 May 2007

This clip can be used as part of a lesson on collecting and subsequently graphing data. The clip can be used to spark a discussion and mind map creation about areas of real life that might be useful to collect data and what it could be used for. This can then lead to pupils conducting their own enquiries in groups. They can choose their own line of enquiry (such as "what colour hair do you have?") and then go around to members of the other groups to collect the information. Before doing this, pupils could be reminded of how to collect information in tally charts. Once completed, pupils will have the task of putting the information they have collected together with that collected by other members of their group into one big tally chart. They can then re-watch the second part of the clip and put it into a block graph as shown.